Company Internet on Podol “” invites young and confident people who have higher (unfinished higher) education and are looking for an interesting high-paying job with the possibility of professional development and career growth.

Our main requirements for candidates - activity, willingness to learn quickly, healthy ambition, the desire to achieve concrete results in a certain period of time.
More detailed information can be obtained by phone (044) 205 44 55


IT services sales manager


  • good knowledge of MS Office: Word, Excel, Visio;
  • ability to learn quickly;
  • knowledge of sales techniques;
  • literate Russian / Ukrainian language.

Working conditions:

  • full-time;
  • normalized schedule;
  • when reaching the planned indicators - career growth;
  • official employment.

Job responsibilities:

  • search for new contractors;
  • preparation of commercial proposals;
  • concluding agreements;
  • conducting marketing research;
  • implementation of planned indicators.


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