Construction of SCS

Internet on Podol “Podol.net” - one of the largest IT companies, which is able to offer you a full range of services for the design and implementation of complex IT projects, such as: installation of cable systems, video surveillance systems, guaranteed power supply systems, multimedia equipment, construction and equipment of Data Centers.

We offer the following IT solutions for our customers:

  • Construction of cable systems of categories 5, 6, 7 with a guarantee up to 25 years;
  • Construction of wireless networks based on WiFi technologies;
  • Server rooms and data processing centers, screening of premises with NBU certification;
  • Internal power supply and lighting systems;
  • Security alarm;
  • Access control systems.

NOC services

Based on extensive experience in building and maintaining operator networks, the company Internet in Podil  offers for its clients a unique, for the end user, service of the Customer's IT Infrastructure Service Center.

As part of this service,  “Podol.net” conducts constant monitoring of the existing network and equipment of the customer, which allows to diagnose problems at an early stage and prevent crises in the company's IT infrastructure.

This solution minimizes the risk of network failures, data loss and, as a result, financial losses, optimizes existing equipment, and reduces the burden on your IT professionals.

As part of the service we offer:

  • constant monitoring of the network status - communication channels (connectivity, downloads);
  • monitoring the status of services (corporate mail, corporate web-site);
  • monitoring the condition of the channel-forming equipment;
  • detection of attacks on customer services;
  • providing solutions to emerging problems;
  • reporting on the state of the network of problems / solutions, the structure of traffic in the corporate network.